The metaverse won’t be centralized.

Each community will have different management needs. .

Sexist phrases told to female gamers

"What Girl Gamers REALLY have to deal with"
(+4.5M views) by Spawntaneous

Toning down locker room talk

Popular games rely on user activity. The community thrives when interactions happen. But not all interactions are safe.

Gaming is a competitive activity with high tension where users often make sexist and sexual remarks.

Abusive interactions scare away diversity and have lasting effects on users.

of users left entirely when faced with toxicity
- Source: Harris Poll 2021

Costs of toxicity

Many business models are now based on free-to-play to reduce barriers of entry to casual users. This model requires that users are engaged in the community long enough to effect transactions.

Bad experiences will harm the Customer LTV and waste the efforts of Customer Acquisition teams.

Shushing girl

Let's stop hate

Younger people are getting exposed to online toxicity and it's affecting the way they socialize.

The language used and what is tolerated shapes how a community unfolds. Although community rules are set, moderators are outnumbered and have difficulty staying on top of all cases.

Threat level

Pinpoint problem users with a threat level that is calculated based on admins's criteria.

Adjust risks to foster communities without curbing their vibe. Creating spaces that are more welcoming to new users.

Violent language
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API + clients

A client that can be embedded to discord, twitch, vox, sendbird and other tools.

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To manage risky cases and support your CS and CM teams.

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