Passionate about communications

The web 3 and the metaverse will multiply interactions.

We're developing voice-based tools to ensure community building with stronger foundations.

About Shush

We're creating tools so everyone can enjoy a civil space that is more welcoming to diversity.

Our team

A diverse team with multi-disciplinary experiences that are able and eager to solve issues from Business to Tech.

DevOps, Machine Learning and NLU experts to handle the AI engine and tagging models.

User focused and behavioral experts to develop the solutions, dashboards and support the models.

Join us

We're helping each other grow. Want to join a team where your ideas are nurtured and creativity thrives? Join us.



  • MAR 2021 - Launched
  • APR 2021 - Accepted into GAPS Program (KR)
    APR 2021 - Accepted into Innoway Accelerator (CN)
  • MAY 2021 - Accepted into PreStartup Program (KR)
    MAY 2021 - Won 2nd Prize in DAB Program (KR)
  • JUN 2021 - Accepted into Gangnam Start-up Center (KR)
  • JUL 2021 - Accepted into to K-Startup Grand Challenge (KR)
    JUL 2021 - Accepted into to Soongsil Start-up Center (KR)
  • AUG 2021 - Accepted into to Lean Up Challenge (KR)
  • SEP 2021 - Accepted into to SNU Startup Campus (KR)
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